"An Adventure in Shopping"

picture of curioman
There is a man called Curio...That's Me!
I travel all around.
I'm usually where salvage can be found.
I may be in the snow; I may be in a flood;
I may be diggin' boxes out of the mud.
I may be buying a close-out that was headin' for a mall;
I may be buying stuff that has a slight flaw;
I may be buying cargo damaged on a train
or I may be buying toys wet from the rain.
I am a Man of Adventure!
I get my name from Curiosity,
that's why you must simply come and see.
You'll soon understand why the competition
doesn't like us...It's because we make it tuff,
but now you know where we get this STUFF!


Curio Man is the mascot for Robinson Salvage.

His name comes from the word CURIOSITY.
We use the word "curiosity" because we believe that people's
DESIRE TO KNOW will make our stores successful.