Robinson Salvage was established in 1989 at a location in Bowdon, GA. At that time, its main source of merchandise was buying distressed railroad salvage. As the business began to grow in the early 90’s, the need to find more sources of buying goods arose. This led us into the buying of damaged insurance salvage. The excitement our customer had when walking in our doors and seeing lightly damaged goods at highly discounted prices helped to establish Robinson Salvage as an “Adventurous” place to shop.

Because of the high demand for more merchandise, Robinson Salvage expanded to several small stores throughout the West Georgia area during the late '90s. To make means of handling and distributing goods more efficiently, we expanded our warehouse to over 30,000 square feet. Because the buying of insurance salvage can be unpredictable and limited, Robinson Salvage began to search for, and purchase, merchandise from other sources during this time. We found that a tremendous opportunity existed in buying inventories from retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, financial institutions, transportation companies, auction companies, small business owners or just anyone or any company that had a need to sell. Eventually, we expanded into buying customer returns, irregulars, closeouts, buybacks and overruns.

Throughout our expansion, we began to understand and realize our current vision of creating a store that pushes the customer over the hump of an ordinary shopping experience, and into what we coined as an “Adventure in Shopping”. The adventure comes from the fact that, as a customer, you never know what you might find the next time you come to Robinson Salvage. Since realizing our vision, we began creating an environment in our store that was ever-changing, shopper friendly, and has helpful associates. Last, but not least, we give the customer a price that is not only competitive with other retailers... but guaranteed cheaper than anyone.

Then we came up with our Company Slogan...

“Your Curiosity will Draw you, Our Great Bargains & Super Service will Keep You!”

During the early 2000’s, we combined all of our small retail operations into a 27,000 square foot retail location in Carrollton, GA. In 2014, we were buying stocks at a faster rate than ever before, and the store in Carrollton was no longer enough to hold all of our inventory, so we opened a new 27,000 square foot store in Dalton, GA. Having twice the retail space allowed us to buy larger stocks and give our customers a greater selection inside our store. A year later, we opened a 10,000 square foot clothing store in Dalton. In the fall of 2016, a HUGE home improvement stock was for sale, and we decided to open a new location in Carrollton that was big enough to put this stock out in front of our customers. That is when Robinson's Overstock Warehouse became a reality. All four of our stores are currently open, so we have over 100,000 square feet of retail space to help you find that bargain you've been looking for!

Robinson Salvage remains committed to an early vision, established many years ago, of becoming the most exciting and adventurous store around.

Are you Curious to see...? Come on in!